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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Nauchno-informatsionnyi i prosvetitel'skii tsentr “Memorial” (NIPTs “Memorial”)

Access & Facilities

Access to personal papers and memoranda requires the permission of the creator of the materials or heirs.

Reference facilities
Databases of Memorial available on the website: https://www.memo.ru/ru-ru/collections....

Library facilities
The Memorial library (over 35,000 units), with one of the largest collections of samizdat and unofficial press in Russia, now includes microform copies of missing issues exchanged with the Samizdat Archive (Arkhiv Samizdata) of Radio Liberty, now in the Open Society Archive in Budapest. A database catalogue is being processed for those holdings. Recently, the library received the major collection of samizdat and unofficial press brought together by M-BIO. (Hours: M–F 11:00–19:00; tel. +7 495 699-71-22; websites: https://www.memo.ru/ru-ru/collections...; http://old.memo.ru/s/64.html; electronic catalogue: http://lib.memo.ru/).

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