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Nauchno-informatsionnyi i prosvetitel'skii tsentr “Memorial” (NIPTs “Memorial”)

Muzei “Memoriala”
[Memorial Museum]

Address: 127006, Moscow, Karetnyi riad, 5/10

Telephone: +7 495 650-78-83, +7 495 699 65 81

E-mail: museum@memo.ru

Website: https://museum.memo.ru/;  https://www.memo.ru/ru-ru/collections...;  http://old.memo.ru/s/65.html;  http://www.museum.ru/M1767

Opening hours: Tu–Sa 11:00–19:00

Director: Irina Galkova (tel. +7 495 650-78-83); e-mail galkova@memo.ru

Curator of Museum Fond: Svetlana Iakovlevna Fadeeva


Memorial Museum holdings include a collection of paintings and drawings by imprisoned artists, various handicrafts made by prisoners, and items related to prison camp life (about 1,000 exhibits). The most interesting and valuable part of the collection are paintings and graphic works with many portraits by professional artists imprisoned in GULAG camps, with examples displayed on the website (https://museum.memo.ru/stock/1/).
        The Documentary Fond contains letters, and other personal documents, posters, and theatre programs, (https://museum.memo.ru/stock/9/).
        The Photograph Archive of the museum contains now over 12,000 photographs (http://old.memo.ru/about/photo.htm).

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