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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Institut russkogo iazyka im. V.V. Vinogradova RAN (IRIa)

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Finding Aids —  Published — General:

Archives of Russia (2000), pp. 470-73; Arkhivy Rossii (1997), pp. 366-69; Scholars’ Guide (1993), pp. 74-75; PKG M&L (1972), p. 240.

There is no published description of the archival holdings in the Institute.

Slavonic-Rus' Manuscripts

e-120. Institut russkogo iazyka Akademii nauk SSSR. Moscow, 1991. 25 p.

The brochure includes a short history of the Institute and survey of its divisions. Summaries in English, German, and French.

e-121. Lingvisticheskie istochniki: Fondy Instituta russkogo iazyka. Edited by S.I. Kotkov and A.I. Sumkina. Moscow: “Nauka”, 1967. 319 p. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-10,830].

Different articles cover various linguistic card files held in the Institute from earlier linguistic projects and from the preparation of several important dictionaries. Includes a short description of the Manuscript Division, covering personal fonds, manuscripts, and rare book collections, which were held there at that time.

e-122. Ukazatel' istochnikov kartoteki Slovaria russkogo iazyka XI–XVII vv. v poriadke alfavita sokrashchennykh oboznachenii. Compiled by S.F. Gekker, S.P. Mordovina and G.I. Romanova. Moscow, 1984. 331 p. [AN SSSR; IRIaz] (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

Includes an annotated list of written sources that were used for compilation of the “Dictionary of the Russian Language from the Eleventh through the Seventeenth Centuries,” incuding alphabetical summary of citations used for sources in the dictionary and related bibliography.

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Slavonic-Rus' Manuscripts

e-125. Rukopisnye pamiatniki Drevnei Rusi. Elektronnyi arkhiv: Iz fondov otechestvennykh bibliotek, muzeev, arkhivov, chastnykh kollektsii. Moscow: Izd-vo “Iazyki slavianskikh kul'tur”, 2007. [IRIa; Izd-vo “Iazyki slavianskikh kul'tur”].
Electronic edition: http://www.lrc-lib.ru/
        The electronic archive contains three sections:
        1) Birchbark documents (Berestianye gramoty): http://gramoty.ru/,
        2) Medieval Rus' chronicles (Russkie letopisi): http://www.lrc-lib.ru/index.php%3fid=5,
        3) and Manuscript books (Rukopisnaia kniga): http://www.lrc-lib.ru/?id=3.

The coverage from an on-going project based at the Institute of Russian Language RAN (IRIa) presents updated textual editions with materials in Moscow and Petersburg archives and manuscript collections. The section on Birchbark documents consists of a database with digitized texts of many available documents. The section on medieval chronicles covers publications in the series Polnoe sobranie russkikh letopisei.

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Finding Aids —  Specialized:

e-128. Barankova, Galina Serafimovna. “Materialy Moskovskogo lingvisticheskogo kruzhka v Institute russkogo iazyka im. V.V. Vinogradova RAN.” Arkheograficheskii ezhegodnik za 1997 god (1998), pp. 309–18.

Describes the collection of records and other materials brought together by the Moscow Linguistic Circle now held in the Manuscript Division of the Institute.

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