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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Institut russkogo iazyka im. V.V. Vinogradova RAN (IRIa)

Otdel lingvisticheskogo istochnikovedeniia i istorii russkogo literaturnogo iazyka
[Manuscript Division]

Telephone: +7 495 695-28-10

Website: http://www.ruslang.ru/node/125

Opening hours: TuTh 11:00–16:00

Head, Scientific Head of Institute: Aleksandr Mikhailovich Moldovan (tel. +7 495 695-28-10); e-mail alexandr.moldovan@ruslang.ru

Scientific Secretary of the Division: Irina Ivanovna Makeeva; e-mail irinamakeevayandex.ru


Total: 21 fonds; 530 units; 15th–20th cc.

The holdings of the Manuscript Division can be divided into four groups. The first consists of a collection of early printed books. Most valuable are the Ostrog Bible (1581), Moscow editions of the Four Gospels (1640, 1653, and 1668), and several important seventeenth- and eighteenth-century imprints.
        The second group comprises manuscripts, manuscript books, and rolls (stolbtsy) of the fifteenth through the seventeenth centuries. The earliest manuscript in this collection is a Gospel of the fifteenth century. There are a number of manuscript codices of varied contents dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Rolls from the seventeenth and eighteenth century are found in the fonds of D.A. Markov (documents from the Vetluga estate of the Tarakanov votchina) and the Kireevskii family. In the fonds of the Meshchevsk and Mosal'sk prikaznye izby (suboffices of the prikazy) of Kaluga Krai there are court rolls, charters, palatine reports (voevodskie otpiski), and reports of starosty and prikazchiki (skazki starost i prikazchikov).
        The third group consists of personal papers of individual scholars—L.L. Vasil'ev, S.P. Obnorskii, S.O. Kartsevskii, and V.I. Chernyshev—including biographical materials, fragments of scholarly works, correspondence, and photographs.
        The final group of materials consists of documents on the history of linguistics, including some documents of the Leningrad Linguistic Society, the Moscow Linguistic Circle, and letters of the Soviet linguistic scholars Ia.K. Grot, F.I. Buslaev, and L.V. Shcherba. A separate division retains materials on the history of secret (symbolic) languages of merchants and craftsmen (ofenskii and masovskii).
        The division also has collections of microfilms and photocopies of several manuscripts and facsimile editions.

Reference facilities:
There are card catalogues of early printed books, inventory opisi for a number of fonds, and an incomplete register of materials for the history of science. Some of the documents in rolls and those in the history of linguistics collection have not been described.

Library facilities:
The division has a small reference library consisting of materials useful for work with manuscripts and early printed books.

Copy facilities:
Microfilm, xerox, or photographic copies are not permitted from manuscript books. Xerox copies of documents can be prepared.

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