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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Peterburgskii institut iudaiki (PII)

Nauchno-issledovatel'skii arkhiv
[Scientific Research Archive]

E-mail: archive@pijs.ru

Website: http://pijs.ru/ob_arhive;  (electronic archive)

Opening hours: MTuTh 10:00–18:00

Head: Anna Sergeevna Manoilenko (tel. +7 812 449-52-50)


Total: 14 fonds; ca. 30,000 units; 19th c.–present
photographs (negatives and slides)—over 25,000 units; videotapes—over 200; sound recordings—over 500 tapes

The archive retains documentation from Jewish organizations in St. Petersburg, as well as personal papers and materials collected by the Institute of Research on the Jewish Diaspora of St. Petersburg Jewish University. Of particular importance is a collection of materials (including photographs) resulting from historico-ethnographic expeditions (1988–1993) to the former Pale of Settlement (cherta evreiskoi osedlosti) in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, and Central Asia (with documentation from the 19th c. to the present). These include descriptions of architectural monuments and recorded interviews with local inhabitants. Several other collections have materials regarding the history of Jews in St. Petersburg and the Pale of Settlement, on the Holocaust, and on Jewish “refuseniks” (otkazniki) (1970–1990). One collection includes documentation from the Petrograd Jewish University, the Leningrad Jewish Historico-Ethnographic Seminar (1983–1988), and personal papers of Hebraic scholars M.S. Belen'kii and I.I. Shifman and rabbis A.P. Lubanov, A. Sheinin, and S.G. Lazinskii, among others.
        There is a separate fond for the records of the Institute itself (1989–present).
        There are also collections of iconographic materials on the history of Jews in Russia, video cassettes, and an archive of sound recordings with Jewish music on different media (http://pijs.ru/fonoteka).

Working conditions:
Researchers work in the reading room of the archive.

Reference facilities:
There is a computer database covering settlements in the former Pale of Settlement and one on Jewish genealogy.

Copy facilities:
There are facilities for xerox copies. Publication permission can be arranged on an individual basis.

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