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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Severo-Zapadnyi gosudarstvennyi meditsinskii universitet im. I.I. Mechnikova (SZGMU)


Telephone: +7 812 543-18-50

Opening hours: M–F 11:00–15:30

Head: Anna Nikolaevna Preobrazhenskaia


Total: 6 fonds; 719,930 units; 1929–1990s

The archive holds the records of the Academy and its subordinate divisions, and fonds of those abolished institutions that were predecessors of the Sanitary-Hygiene Institute or that became a part of it—the Third Leningrad Medical Institute (1934–1940)—the Stomatological Faculty of LSGMI (1955–1956), the evening division of the Workers’ Faculty (1929–1939), and the Medical High School of LSGMI (1956–1957). There is documentation on personnel (1930–1991) and personal files of faculty, students, graduate students, and residents (including foreigners) of LSGMI (from 1946), personnel accounts of the accounting department (1950–1990), housing register for passes (1930–1960), and medical histories (1989–1994).

N.B. Part of the archive of the Academy is held in TsGA SPb (D–15, fond 3081).

Working conditions:
Researchers are accommodated in the archival working premises, since there is no formal reading room. Files are given out soon after orders are placed.

Copy facilities:
There are no xerox facilities.

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