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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Sankt-Peterburgskii gosudarstvennyi universitet (SPbGU)

Muzei istorii SPbGU
[Museum of the History of SPbGU]

Telephone: +7 812 328-96-83

E-mail: museum@museum.pu.ru

Website: http://www.museum.ru/M203

Opening hours: M–F 11:00–17:00

Director: Igor' L'vovich Tikhonov (tel. +7 812 328-96-83); e-mail Tikhonov@it6949.spbu.edu

Curator of Fonds: Marina Feliksovna Atabekova


Total: 105 fonds; over 30,000 (including museum exhibits) units; 1804–1990s

The documentary materials in the museum reflect the history of the University, its faculties and departments within faculties (kafedra), the development of various branches of academic knowledge, and the work of institutions and individuals connected with the University. Of particular interest is the fond with some documentation of the Bestuzhev Committee (Komitet Bestuzheva), which contains memoirs and other documentation of former students of the Higher (Bestuzhev) Courses for Women (Vysshie zhenskie [Bestuzhevskie] kursy) (1878–1919).
        Another fond devoted to the “History of Social and Revolutionary Movements” retains collected examples of the legal and illegal student press, leaflets, appeals, and documents pertaining to social and political organizations and parties. Also of particular interest is a collection of documents compiled at the turn of the century by Professor K.K. Baumgart.
        Documents relating to the period of the World War II record the life of LGU during the Siege of Leningrad, the evacuation of the University to Saratov (1942–1944), and the fate of many of the university graduates and faculty.
        Collections of personal documents preserve manuscript materials from many of the University’s outstanding scholars, including for example, M.A. Balug'ianskii (rector 1819–1821), the unpublished memoirs of the geology professor A.A. Inostrantsev, and autograph documents of the chemist D.I.Mendeleev and of the physicists V.A. Fok, S.E. Frish, and P.K. Lukirskii, among many others.

Working conditions:
Researchers are accommodated in the museum offices, where materials are available the same day they are ordered.

Reference facilities:
There are inventory registers of the museum fonds, card catalogues and various other catalogues. There are plans to publish a guide and an annotated catalogue of the documentary fonds and other materials in the museum.

Copy facilities:
Photographic copies may be ordered from the SPbGU photographic laboratory.

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