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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Sankt-Peterburgskii gosudarstvennyi universitet (SPbGU)

Ob"edinennyi arkhiv
[Consolidated Archive]

Address: 198504, Petergof, ul. Ul'ianovskaia, 9, korp. 1, A

Telephone: +7 812 328-96-68

E-mail: archive@LK13378.spb.edu
Opening hours: MTu 14:00–16:00, WF 11:00–13:00, Th 16:00–17:45

Acting Head: Natal'ia Evgen'evna Vladimirova (tel. +7 812 328-96-68)


Total: 685,000 units; 1917–1992

The archive retains current records of SPbGU (1917–1992) that have not been transferred to state archives including directives of the rector (1930–1992); personnel files of professors, instructional staff, and other specialists and support staff (from 1917), and personal files of daytime, evening, and correspondence students and graduate students (from 1930). There are also records of various subdivisions and social organizations of the University—the Astronomical Observatory, the Geographic Institute, the Scientific Research Institute of Metrology, the Institute for Improvement of Teacher Qualifications in Marxism-Leninism, the Scientific Library, the publishing house and printing plant, construction offices, and local trade-union committees.
        There are also fonds of abolished institutions that have been absorbed by the University—the St. Petersburg Higher (Bestuzhev) Courses for Women (1917–1919), the Leningrad Institute for Soviet Development and Law (1930–1931), the First and Second Leningrad Institutes of Jurisprudence (1931–1941), the M.I. Kalinin Leningrad Institute of Jurisprudence (1941–1954), the Leningrad Institute of Foreign Tourism (1935–1938), the Second Leningrad Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages (1938–1941), the First Leningrad Pedagogical Institute (1937–1956), and the Leningrad Teaching Institute of Foreign Languages (1937–1956).

N.B. The major permanent records of the University during the prerevolutionary period are held in TsGIA SPb (D–16), and other records from the Soviet period—in TsGA SPb (D–15), including personnel records, materials on the work of the Scholarly Council, the faculties and departments within faculties (kafedra), and administration. Records and technical documentation of some special LGU scientific research institutes are held in TsGANTD SPb (D–20).

Working conditions:
A reading room will be opened when renovation of the archival premises is completed.

Reference facilities:
There are card files for personal records of students who attended or graduated from the University, professors and instructional staff, and other workers and support staff (1920s–1940s).

Copy facilities:
The archive itself does not have copying facilities, but xerox copies can be prepared through the university administrative offices.

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