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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Institut vostokovedeniia RAN (IV)

Nauchnyi arkhiv
[Scientific Archive]

Telephone: +7 495 925-93-07

Opening hours: MW 11:00–15:00 (by appointment)


Total: 1931–1992

The archive retains the records (1935–1992) of several predecessor Moscow-based institutions involved in Oriental studies within the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, including the Institute of the Pacific Ocean (1931–1950), the former Moscow Group of the Institute of Oriental Studies (1942–1950), and the Institute of Chinese Studies (1956–1960), as well as the Institute of Oriental Studies itself. There are a number of fonds containing the personal papers of Russian Orientalists associated with those institutes—M.I. Konrad, V.M. Konstantinov, A.F. Miller, K.V. Ode-Vasil'ev, and S.N. Rostovskii.
        The archive also holds photographs and sound recordings.

N.B. Archival records of predecessors of the Institute—Institute of the Peoples of Asia—have been deposited in the St. Petersburg Branch of the Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences (PFA RAN—E-25, fond 152, 1817–1967; electronically: http://isaran.ru/isaran/isaran.php?pa....

Reference facilities:
Within the reference system is a card catalogue prepared on the basis of opisi of institutional fonds. Many of the records are still being processed.

Copy facilities:
Xerox facilities are available on a fee basis.

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