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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Moskovskaia Dukhovnaia Akademiia (MPDA)

Tserkovno-arkheologicheskii kabinet
[Church-Archeological Cabinet]

Telephone: +7 496 541-55-01, +7 496 540-52-69

E-mail: cakmpda@yandex.ru

Website: http://acmus.ru/;  https://mpda.ru/museum/

Opening hours: Su 11:00–18:00, M–Sa 9:00–18:00

Head: Archdeacon Igor' Mikhailov


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The Cabinet (study room) holds a separate collection of early printed books and manuscripts, dating from the sixteenth through the eighteenth century. Early printed books include the works of the first Russian printer, Ivan Fedorov—a copy of the Moscow Books of the Apostles (Moskovskii Apostol) of 1564, which has a hand-engraved frontispiece, the L'viv Books of the Apostles of 1574, and a copy of the first printed Slavonic Bible (1581), known as the Ostrog Bible.

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