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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Peterburgskii institut iadernoi fiziki im. B.P. Konstantinova Natsional'nogo issledovatel'skogo tsentra “Kurchatovskii institut” (PIIaF)

Muzei PIIaF–Informatsionno-obshchestvennyi tsentr. Arkhiv
[PIIaF Museum–Public Information Center. Archive]

Telephone: +7 813 713-06-66

E-mail: ioc@pnpi.spb.ru

Website: http://hepd.pnpi.spb.ru/ioc/index.html


Total: 1 fonds; 1,419 units; 1971–1990s

The Archive holds the institutional records and other archival materials of the Institute since its establishment in 1971. It contains the administrative records, personnel and accounting records, as well as other documentation reflecting the scientific and research work of the Institute, such as patent documentation, originals of scientific articles, dissertations, theses, preprints, and annual reports on scientific and research work and the traditional “winter schools” run by the Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics. There are also some papers of scientists associated with the Institute.
        Informational Puclic Center (Informatsionno-obshchestvennyi tsentr) was established in 1995. Museum ofthe history of Institute and Academician B.P. Konstantinov Memorial Cabinet of were established under the Center. In 2006 Center was reorganized to Museum of the Institute of Nuclear Physics.

Reference facilities:
A computer database is being established for the Institute personnel.

Copy facilities:
Photographic copying and xerox facilities are available.

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