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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Rossiiskaia akademiia obrazovaniia (RAO)

Nauchnyi arkhiv
[Scientific Archive]

Address: 142712, Moscow, ul. Pogodinskaia, 8, korp. 2, 3rd floor

Telephone: +7 965 431-40-76

E-mail: arkhivrao@yandex.ru

Website: http://rusacademedu.ru/akademiya/nauc...

Opening hours: M–Th 9:30–17:00, F 9:30–16:00
Transport: metro: Domodedovskaia + bus: 439 to station “Shkola-internat”

Head: Nadezhda Iur'evna Muraveinikova (tel. +7 965 431-40-76)


Total: 141 fonds; 106,000 units; 1735–2006
institutional files—39,907 units; personnel files—19,958 units; personal papers—37,528 units

Although major groups of APN SSSR records designated for permanent retention have been transferred to GA RF, the RAO archive itself retains some fonds of predecessor institutions of APN SSSR and the earlier APN RSFSR, fonds of institutions within the APN system, personal papers, and also collections on the history of public education in Russia.
        Of particular importance are the personal papers of educators, individuals active in public education, scholar-psychologists, physiologists, and specialists on learning disabilities—including P.P. Blonskii, L.V. Zankov, N.N. Iordanskii, F.F. Korolev, L.M. Krechetovich, G.I. Rossolimo, V.Ia. Struminskii, and N.V. Chekhov.
        Among archival holdings is documentation from the prerevolutionary Rukavishnikov Shelter, societies and institutions organized by the well-known educator S.T. Shatskii: “Settlement,” “Children’s Work and Rest” (“Detskii trud i otdykh”), and “Helping Children Learn” (“Pomoshch' uchashchimsia detiam”).
        There are also records of 13 scientific research institutes under the People’s Commissariat of Education (Narkompros) of the RSFSR (1919–1944), which existed before the organization of APN RSFSR in 1943, including the Higher Pedagogical Institute for Women (1903–1921), the First Experimental Station for Public Education (Pervaia opytnaia stantsiia po narodnomu obrazovaniiu) (1919–1932), the Central Experimental Pedagogical Laboratory of Narkompros RSFSR (1932–1937), and the K.A. Timiriazev Central Agrobiological Station for Young Naturalists (1918–1933).
        The archive accessions documentation from scientific research institutes and institutions within the APN RSFSR and APN USSR systems (1944–1991), although it permanently retains only those records not designated for permanent preservation in GA RF. Some records remain from the presidium of APN SSSR, the APN RSFSR Pedagogical Laboratory, and Moscow Experimental Boarding School No. 72, among others.
        The archive also has eight collections of documents on the development of public education and research on learning disabilities in imperial Russia and in the Soviet period.

N.B. APN SSSR, togehter with earlier APN RSFSR records (1943–1991) that were designated for permanent retention were transferred in 1996–1997 from the RAO Scientific Archive to GA RF (B–1, fond 10,049, 4 opisi, 11,028 units).

Reference facilities:
Reference facilities include opisi, a card catalogue of fonds, and subject and alphabetical catalogues of dissertations. The list of fonds available electronically: http://rusacademedu.ru/wp-content/upl....

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There are no copying facilities available.

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