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Last update of repository: 16 March 2020

Institut etnologii i antropologii im. N.N. Miklukho-Maklaia RAN (IEA)

Nauchnyi arkhiv
[Scientific Archive]

Address: 117036, Moscow, ul. Dmitriia Ul'ianova, 19

Website: http://iea-ras.ru/index.php?go=Struct...

Opening hours: M–Th 9:30–18:15 (by appointment)
Transport: metro: Akademicheskaia; bus: 119

Head: Dmitrii Alekseevich Vaddorov


Total: ca. 25,000 units; 1867–to present

The archive retains part of the administrative and procedural records of the Institute and its predecessor societies and institutes, which were involved in the fields of anthropology, ethnography, and related disciplines. Among records of predecessor institutes, for example, are those of the ethnographic division of the Society of Friends of Physical Science, Anthropology, and Ethnography (1863–1930). Institute records include reports on field expeditions conducted by the Institute and its associates throughout the former USSR and abroad. These include research questionnaires, field expedition diaries and reports, folklore recordings, and illustrative materials, as well as documentation from various mass sociological research projects and expeditions of the Institute during the 1960s–1980s. There are also scholarly works by Institute associates and dissertations defended at the Institute.
        The archive also preserves personal papers of various scholars associated with the Institute—for example, V.V. Bogdanov, N.N. Cheboksarov, B.O. Dolgikh, M.G. Levin, D.V. Naidich-Moskalenko, and L.N. Terent'ev, among others. There is an archival collection of documents of N.N. Miklukho-Maklai, his wife Margarita Maklai and their grandchildren.
        The archive retains audiovisual materials including films and video recordings (1960s–1990s); photographs (early 20th c. to the present), collected by N.V. Bogoslovskii, Z.Z. Vinogradov, G.V. Sobolevskii; sound recordings (from the 1950s to the present); cartographic materials (maps and drawings) of the late 19th and first half of the 20th century; and also some electronic records.

Working conditions:
Researchers are received in working offices of the archive, where files are delivered the day they are ordered.

Reference facilities:
Part of the holdings are covered by card inventories, auxiliary card files, inventory registers, and topographic indexes.

Copy facilities:
Xerox facilities are available.

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