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Institut slavianovedeniia RAN (ISl)

Otdel arkheografii (Arkheograficheskaia komissiia)
[Archeographic Division (Archeographic Commission)]

Telephone: +7 495 126-94-84

E-mail: sosch@mail.ru

Website: http://inslav.ru/nauchnye-podrazdelen...

Head: Andrei Vasil'evich Mel'nikov (tel. +7 495 126-94-84)

Chairman of Commission: Sergei Mikhailovich Kashtanov

Scientific Secretary: Tat'iana Valer'evna Medvedeva

The Archeographic Commission supervises and coordinates the publication of descriptions of manuscripts in early Russian and other Slavic languages and other archeographic activities. It also coordinates research and publication in the various related ancillary disciplines.
        The Commission publishes the year-book Arkheograficheskii ezhegodnik (see e–53) from 1957, which includes many scholarly surveys and descriptions of manuscript books and archival materials, limited documentary publications, and articles and reports regarding various aspects of archeography and archival affairs.

N.B. A small part of archival records of the Commission of 1955–1990 has been deposited in the Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ARAN—E-1, fond 1901, 153 units). The annotation of this fond available electronically on the electronic informational system of ARAN: http://isaran.ru/isaran/isaran.php?pa....

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