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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Institut fiziologii im. I.P. Pavlova RAN (IF)

Memorial'nyi muzei-kvartira akademika I.P. Pavlova
[I.P. Pavlov Memorial Apartment-Museum]

Address: 199034, St. Petersburg, Vasil'evskii ostrov, 7-ia liniia, 2, kv. 11

Telephone: +7 812 323-72-34

Fax: +7 812 323-72-34

E-mail: museum@infran.ru; tch@infran.ru

Website: http://museum.infran.ru;  http://www.museum.ru/M125

Opening hours: M–F 11:00–17:00 (by appointment)
Transport: metro: Vasileostrovskaia; trol.: 10, 23; bus: 6; tram: 5, 11, 33, 37, 63

Head: Nonna Konstantinovna Volkova

Deputy Head for Scientific Work: Emma Andreevna Kosmachevskaia (tel. +7 812 323-72-34)

Main Curator: Liudmila Ivanovna Gromova (tel. +7 812 323-72-34)


Total: full statistics not available, 1880–1930s
photographs—ca. 500 units (1880–1930s)

The Memorial Apartment-Museum honoring the physiologist and psychologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849–1936) retains some significant documents relating to the scientist—original manuscripts, letters, and photographs of the Pavlov family and his circle and his scientific colleagues. Of particular interest are the original photographs and albums from his personal papers. There are some graphic materials including scientific sketches, drawings, and diagrams connected with Pavlov’s work and the experiments of his pupils and associates, relating to the development of psycho-physiology during the 1920s through 1940s.

Working conditions:
Researchers are received in working offices of the museum.

Library facilities:
The museum holdings include some library books with Pavlov—™s autograph, rare editions, and other books from the library of the scientist.

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