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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Sankt-Peterburgskii filial Instituta istorii estestvoznaniia i tekhniki im. S.I. Vavilova RAN (SPbF IIET)

Memorial'nyi muzei-kvartira puteshestvennika, issledovatelia Tsentral'noi Azii P.K. Kozlova
[Memorial Apartment-Museum of P.K. Kozlov–Traveler and Researcher on Central Asia]

Address: Smol'nyi prospekt, 6, kvartira 32

Telephone: +7 812 710-03-50, +7 812 577-12-43

E-mail: kozlov.museum@mail.ru; pkkozlovmuseum@gmail.com

Website: http://ihst.nw.ru/institute/2012-09-1...;  http://kozlovmuseum.org/;  http://www.museum.ru/M229

Opening hours: TuTh 11:00–18:00 (since 15th April 2019 for single visitors and organized groups up to 12 people)
Transport: metro: Chernyshevskaia + bus.: 22, 105, 46, trol.: 15; metro: Ploshchad' vosstaniia + trol.: 5, 11, 7

Director: Valentina Vladimirovna Lebedeva (tel. +7 812 710-03-50)


Total: ca. 8,500 units; 1870–1990s
manuscripts—ca. 2,000 units (1870s–1930s); photographs—ca. 4,000 units; postcards—ca. 2,100 units; cartographic materials—ca. 400 units

The museum holds personal papers and memorabilia relating to the life and activities of Petr Kuz'mich Kozlov (1863–1935), academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, and explorer of Central Asia. There are manuscripts of Kozlov’s scholarly works, journals and reports of expeditions, correspondence, various biographical documents (principally on the organization of expeditions in Central Asia, 1923–1926), expedition and family albums, and correspondence.
        Among graphic materials are photographs and negatives from expeditions, including pictures of the ghost town of Hara-Hoto, which he discovered in the Gobi Desert. The extensive collection of postcards contains subject-oriented collections on the history of Russian wars (Borodino and the Russo-Japanese War), the history of art (sculpture, painting), representations of the Granberg Stock Company in Stockholm, Buriat and Tungus ethnography, world fauna, and views of cities throughout the world. Cartographic materials include printed and manuscript maps and plans of Central Asia from the 1870s to the 1930s, diagrams of expeditions, and atlases.

N.B. The major part of Kozlov’s personal papers are held in the Archive of the Russian Geographic Society (RGO—”see E–55).

Working conditions:
Although most of the museum exhibits are presently closed (as of 1997), the archive is open to bona fide scholars within the museum premises. Materials are delivered the same day they are ordered.

Reference facilities:
A card catalogue is in the process of compilation with a chronicle of the life and activities of Kozlov and his scholarly associates.

Copy facilities:
Xerox and photographic copying facilities are available.

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