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Last update of repository: 19 June 2020

Sankt-Peterburgskii filial Arkhiva Rossiiskoi Akademii nauk (SPbF ARAN)

Access & Facilities

Almost all of the holdings have been declassified. Access should be requested by official letter to the director from the researcher's sponsoring institution or a personal letter with indication of the subject and aim of research. Starting in March 1998, the archive was forced to close as a result of budgetary deficiency from RAN. Nevertheless, efforts are being made to accommodate a limited number of researchers on an emergency basis (especially those from abroad) by special arrangement with the director.

Working conditions
Files can be ordered in advance in MWTh 10:00–17:00, usually not more than five files at one time. Orders are normally delivered within 3 days. Limited space is available in the archival reading room.

Copy facilities
Xerox copies can be prepared in the archive.

Reference facilities
The register of opisi is available electronically at: The register of fonds with scan images of opisi is available on the internet portal “ Informational System ‘Archives of the Russian Academy of Science’” (not yet in full): Opisi of processed fonds are available in the reading room. There are card catalogues covering documents on the history of Academy institutions, expeditions, Academy prizes and awards, and individuals. There are also thematic-subject card catalogues and typewritten indexes to the various collections (razriady).

Library facilities
The Scientific Reference Library (17,500 volumes), officially a division of BAN, was founded in 1800 as the library of the Archive of the Conference of the Imperial Academy of Sciences. It includes reference literature on history, the history of science, and archival affairs, as well as published materials with biographical data on scientists and scholars. Basic reference materials in Russian and foreign languages are available for access in the archival reading room. There are card catalogues of publications by the archival staff and publications prepared on the basis of materials in the archive (Universitetskaia nab., 3; tel. +7 812 323-08-21; webpage:

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