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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Institut arkheologii RAN (IA)

Finding Aids —  Published — General:

Archives of Russia (2000), pp. 451-53; Arkhivy Rossii (1997), pp. 348-50; Scholars—™ Guide (1993), pp. 19-21; GAF Spravochnik (1991), pp. 388-89.

There is no published guide to the archival holdings of the Institute. See also the guide to the archeological expeditions of the Institute, listed also under the St. Petersburg Institute of the History of Material Culture (e–200). See also the detailed bibliography of literature relating to archeology Sovetskaia arkheologicheskaia literatura: Bibliografiia (1959–), including references to unpublished reports of expeditions.

e-29. Nauchno-otraslevoi arkhiv Instituta arkheologii RAN: Otchety o polevykh issledovaniiakh: Katalog. Compiled by S.I. Boldyrev, U.I. Kochkarov, A.V. Koval'chuk, E.I. Lebedeva, O.A. Roianova and I.M. Umarova. Edited by P.G. Gaidukov and N.A. Makarov. Moscow: IA RAN, 2009–. [RAN; IA].
Vol. 1: 1945–1954. 2009. 352 p. Electronic edition: http://www.archaeolog.ru/index.php?id...
        Vol. 2: 1955–1959. 2010. 352 p. Electronic edition: http://www.archaeolog.ru/media/books_...
        Vol. 3: 1960–1964. 2011. 448 p. Electronic edition: http://www.archaeolog.ru/media/books/...
        Vol. 4: 1965–1968. 352 p. Electronic edition: http://www.archaeolog.ru/media/books/....

The four issues of the annotated catalogues contains description of 5017 archival files of 1945–1968.

e-30. Peskareva, K.M.; and Vladimirova, T.T. “Rukopisnye arkhivy Instituta arkheologii AN SSSR.” Kratkie soobshcheniia Instituta arkheologii AN SSSR 163 (1980), pp. 87–92. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).
(Also listed as e–202).

Briefly covers some of the Moscow holdings (pp. 91–92), although the article is principally devoted to a history and survey of those in the St. Petersburg archive.

e-31. Domanskaia, E.S.; and Anishchenko, Zh.G. “Arkhivy fotodokumentov Instituta arkheologii.” Kratkie soobshcheniia Instituta arkheologii AN SSSR 163 (1980), pp. 93–98. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).
(Also listed as e–205).

Provides brief coverage of the Moscow holdings (pp. 97–98), although most of the article is devoted to the history and collections of the St. Petersburg Photograph Archive.

e-32. Institutu arkheologii 60 let: Sbornik statei. Moscow: “Nauka”, 1980. 100 p. [AN SSSR; IA] “Kratkie soobshcheniia Instituta arkheologii AN SSSR,” vol. 163. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

Provides a history of the formation and activities of the Institute and its predecessors in Moscow and St. Petersburg starting in 1919.

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