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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Institut arkheologii RAN (IA)

Nauchno-otraslevoi arkhiv
[Scientific Branch Archive]

Address: ul. Dmitriia Ul'ianova, 19

Telephone: +7 499 126-65-96

E-mail: archive@iaran.ru

Website: http://www.archaeolog.ru/?id=17

Opening hours: RdngRm: M 14:00–17:00, TuWF 10:00–17:00 (July, August closed)

Head: Umar Iusufovich Kochkarov (tel. +7 499 126-65-96); e-mail umar_k@mail.ru


Total: 59 fonds; 1945–2016
institutional fonds—1 fond (over 25,000 units); personal papers—57 fonds; photographs—54,154 units (1945–1980); films—17 units (1960–1980)

The archive holds over 25,000 reports of archeological expeditions and excavations dating from 1945 to the present. Expedition reports include those in the eastern European parts of Russia (Smolensk, Pskov, and Moscow), in the Crimea (Anapa), Tataria (Bulgar area), the Caucasus, Central Asia and Kazakhstan, Siberia, and the Far East.
        There is scientific-administrative documentation of the Institute, starting in 1945, with stenograms and minutes of annual sessions and plenums of the Institute on the stages of their field archeological research. Many of the records consist of reports, plans, stenograms, and protocols of the Scientific Council of the Institute.
        The archive also retains materials (plans, programs, protocols) of the activities of the All-Union Archeological Symposium (Moscow, February 1945), materials (stenograms, protocols, and abstracts of reports) of subject-oriented conferences and symposia on the archeology of the Baltic region, Moldova, the Trans-Volga area, the Northern Black Sea, and the Caucasus.
        Since the 1940s, the archive has been acquiring personal papers of archeologists, including G.A. Bonch-Osmolovskii, S.V. Kiselev, A.L. Mongait, T.S. Passek, S.A. Pletneva, B.A. Rybakov, V.V. Sedov, N.N. Voronin, and A.A. Zakharov, among others. The archive also retains theses and unpublished manuscripts of its members.
        An extensive photograph archive includes collections of pictures from Russian and foreign archeological expeditions. A small number of pictures date from the pre-1945 period, which were acquired with the personal papers of Institute members (V.N. Chernetsov, T.S. Passek, M.V. Voevodskii, and N.N. Voronin). These include photographs of field work of the Desna expedition of 1937–1939, architectural monuments and their fragments, photographs of the excavations of the Khorezm expedition of 1934, 1938–1940, and negatives of ceramics from the Turkmen expedition of 1928.
        The main photographic sources acquired are the materials from archeological expeditions, which are consolidated in 137 collections. Richest in quantity are the collections from the Northern Caucasian, Eastern Crimean, and Taman expeditions. The archive also has photographs from foreign expeditions—Albanian (1958–1960), Soviet-Afghanistan (1960), and Soviet-Iranian (1969–1970).
        Special collections have been formed for diapositives, prepared as illustrative materials for reports and scholarly meetings about excavations in Moscow, Riazan, and other cities. These include a collection of pictures by N.N. Voronin of architecture and illustrations for his report on the results of the Kremlin expedition in 1959–1960, by A.M. Rabinovich on excavations in Zariad'e, A.L. Mongait—on archeological work in Old Riazan, and also diapositives of I.T. Kruglikova, A.P. Smirnov, and N.I. Sokol'skii.
        The section for motion pictures includes films taken during the expedition in the Northern Caucasus (1963), on the archeological research in the Kapova caves, and the excavations in Zariad'e, among others.

N.B. Archival records of the Institute of 1944–1989 have been deposited in the Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ARAN—E–1, fond 1909, 1,556 units). The annotation of this fond available electronically on the electronic informational system of ARAN: http://isaran.ru/isaran/isaran.php?pa....Archival records of the Moscow Division of the N.Ia. Marr Institute of the History of Material Culture of 1921–1941 also have been deposited in ARAN (E–1, fond 478, 162 units; electronically: http://www.isaran.ru/isaran/isaran.ph...).

Working conditions:
Files are available in the reading room the day they are ordered, and there are no limitations as to the number that may be ordered at one time.

Reference facilities:
Within the internal reference system are inventory opisi and name and geographic card catalogues. Some of the personal fonds have not been processed.

Copy facilities:
Xerox and photographic copying facilities are available.

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