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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Institut elementoorganicheskikh soedinenii im. A.N. Nesmeianova RAN (INEOS)

The Institute of Elementary Organic Compounds (sometimes translated as Organoelement Compounds) was founded in 1954, largely on the initiative of the prominent organic chemist Aleksandr Nikolaevich Nesmeianov (1899–1980). Nesmeianov directed the Institute (1954–1980) and served as president of the Academy of Sciences (1951–1961). The Nesmeianov Memorial Cabinet-Museum was opened in 1986 in the former office of the director.

N.B. Institutional records of the Institute of 1953–1985 have been deposited in the Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ARAN—E–1, fond 1910, 896 units). The annotation of this fond available electronically on the electronic informational system of ARAN: http://isaran.ru/isaran/isaran.php?pa....

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