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Institut elementoorganicheskikh soedinenii im. A.N. Nesmeianova RAN (INEOS)

Memorial'nyi muzei-kabinet akademika A.N. Nesmeianova
[A.N. Nesmeianov Memorial Cabinet-Museum]

Telephone: +7 499 135-78-25

Website: https://ineos.ac.ru/history-museum;  http://www.museum.ru/M1638

Opening hours: M–F 10:00–17:00

Head: Elena Viktorovna Leonova (tel. +7 499 135-93-53, +7 499 135-78-25)


The memorial museum on the premises of the Institute honors the former director of the Institute and President of the Academy. It reproduces Nesmeianov’s working study and exhibits many documents and memorabilia. The archival holdings include documentary materials, xerox copies of various articles and other scientific works, correspondence, photographs, biographical documents, and memorabilia connected with Nesmeianov’s life and his scientific and administrative work.

N.B. Many of Nesmeianov’s personal papers have been deposited in the Archive of the Academy (ARAN—E-1, fond 1647, 263 units; 1941–1979; electronically: http://isaran.ru/isaran/isaran.php?pa...).

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