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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Institut fizicheskikh problem im. P.L. Kapitsy RAN (IFP)

[P.L. Kapitsa Institute of Physics Problems]

Agency: Rossiiskaia Akademiia nauk (RAN), Otdelenie fizicheskikh nauk
[Russian Academy of Sciences, Department of Physical Sciences]
Ministerstvo nauki i vysshego obrazovaniia RF (Minobrnauki Rossii)
[Ministry of Science and Higher Education]

Address: 119334, Moscow, ul. Kosygina, 2

Telephone: +7 499 137-32-48, +7 495 651-21-24

Fax: +7 495 651-21-25

E-mail: root@kapitza.ras.ru;  office@kapitza.ras.ru

Website: http://www.kapitza.ras.ru  (Rus and Eng)

Director: Vladimir Vladimirovich Dmitriev (tel. +7 499 727-02-04; e-mail dmitriev@kapitza.ras.ru)

Deputy Director for Scientific Work: Andrei Igorevich Kleev (tel. +7 495 651-21-25; e-mail kleev@kapitza.ras.ru)

Deputy Director for Scientific Work: Aleksei Markovich Troianovskii (tel. +7 499 137-06-59, +7 916 212-70-59; e-mail troyan@kapitza.ras.ru)

Scientific Secretary: Ol'ga Aleksandrovna Andreeva ( e-mail andreeva@kapitza.ras.ru)

About IFP
Administrative records and personnel files of the S.I. Vavilov Institute of Physics Problems (previous name of the P.L. Kapitsa Institute of Physics Problems) have been transferred for permanent retention in ARAN (E–1, fond 447, 889 units; 1935–1987). The annotation of this fond available electronically on the electronic informational system of ARAN: http://www.isaran.ru/isaran/isaran.ph....

Nauchnyi arkhiv
[Scientific Archive]
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Memorial'nyi muzei-kabinet P.L. Kapitsy
[P.L. Kapitsa Memorial Cabinet-Museum]
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