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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: B-11

Last update of repository: 3 December 2020

Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv kinofotodokumentov (RGAKFD)

Access & Facilities

All materials in the archive are open to researchers.

Working conditions
The archive has three separate reading rooms: for photographs, films, and an additional film viewing room for foreign researchers. For Russian researchers: photographs are available the same day they are ordered, but films for viewing should be ordered three days in advance. Viewing of 20 films is free, but for more, there is a charge. For foreign researchers: photographs are available the same day they are ordered in the common photograph reading room, but films for viewing should be ordered two days in advance. Foreign researchers may use a separate film viewing room with special equipment. Fees are charged for viewing of films (see the price list on the archive website http://rgakfd.ru/preyskurant-rabot-i-...).

Copy facilities
Film-, video-, and photographic copying are available. Rights and charges for copying films vary with limitations of the number of clips from a given reel. Recent academic researchers report exceptionally high prices for foreigners, and particularly in comparison to Russian rates. Terms of use are determined by special agreement between the archive and user. Copying films and photographs for commercial purposes requires a license agreement. Licensing and sale of film footage outside Russia and the CIS is now handled on an exclusive basis through Abamedia–Archive Media Project with headquarters in Ft. Worth, TX (Tel: [1-817] 336-0777; Fax: 817-338-0858; E-mail: abamedia@abamedia.com).
        Price list for film-, video-, and photographic copying is available electronically (also for foreign researchers): http://rgakfd.ru/preyskurant-rabot-i-....

Reference facilities
The archive has systematic, subject, and name card catalogues for films and photographs (with ca. 1,500,000 cards), auxiliary card files with systematic, specialized indexes for films, subject summary, registration and accession registers, and descriptive summaries of films. For films there are also special indexes of film shots, film chronicles, directors, cameramen, studios, and productions in chronological order. Electronic catalogues for films, video records and photographs are available at: http://old.rgakfd.ru/catalog/films/ (films), http://old.rgakfd.ru/catalog/video/ (video) and http://photo.rgakfd.ru/start.do (photos). The fragment English language film catalogue also available electronically: http://old.rgakfd.ru/catalog/ecatalog.... A preliminary in-depth catalogue segment covering productions from 1938 in Russian is already available in the archive with detailed information about the films, shot lists, and digitalized thumb-nail photographs.

Library facilities
There is a sizeable reference library with 8,823 books and brochures, 1,601 newspapers complexes (1922–), and 4,529 journals and magazines.

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