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Last update of repository: 16 March 2020

*Federal'noe arkhivnoe agentstvo Rossii (Rosarkhiv)

Spravochno-informatsionnyi tsentr federal'nykh gosudarstvennykh arkhivov
[Reference-Informational Center of Federal State Archives]

Address: 117393, Moscow, ul. Profsoiuznaia, 82

Telephone: +7 495 334-82-42

Fax: +7 495 334-84-76

E-mail: sic_faa@mail.rgantd.ru

Website: http://rgantd.ru/spravochno-informats...

Opening hours: M–Th 10:00–17:00, F 10:00–16:00

The Reference-Informational Center of Federal State Archives was established in 2014 for the execution of requests for documents held in federal state archives, as well as providing information on local storage.

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